‘Mrs. McDowell’

Fuchsia Mrs McDowell Fuchsia Mrs McDowell

A wonderful, super bloomy, old-fashioned heirloom Fuchsia that's completely MITE FREE! “How can that be?” you might ask, and I’ll answer: “I don't know!” But it’s true! This clone originates from a very old shrub Fuchsia found growing in my dear friend, Mrs. McDowell’s, Berkeley Hills garden when she moved in. Dense of form - to 4' x 3' and blooming happily almost year round, you’ll get loads of delightful 2" pendulous flowers - with flaring, up-curved "fuchsia-pink" sepals topping double-petalled, opulent purple corollas surrounding a long, rosy pistil. Super rich, green foliage, too! Can easily be pruned even into a "tree". Do provide rich well-drained soil and an annual side-dress of compost for total Fuchsia contentment. Hummers galore!


Average Water

USDA zones 9-10