Dombeya burgessiae
'Pink Form'

Dombeya burgessiae Pink Form

With handsome, large, velvety leaves and beautiful white-to-pale-pink, cherry-eyed flowers, this EASY and adaptable small tree or shrub adds a tropical, exotic touch to a lightly shaded garden. To 10’x10’ (can easily be pruned in Spring to shrub size) and multi-branching, its grapevine-shaped leaves provide foliar, textural and tactile interest. The WOW factor begins in late Summer and continues till early Winter when the dense, sweetly-scented pendulous clusters of flowers (to 6” across) are displayed in vast numbers. Fast-growing, it reaches full size in 3 years, adapting to both sun and shade in coastal areas. Makes a choice and EASY accent tree for a small garden, patio or shady side yard, particularly fetching grown against a wall - the better to show off those leaves! Once established, tolerates some drought, especially when planted in shade. Provide loamy soil with an annual top-dress of compost. Can be grown in a large container, too.


Avg./Low water

Perennial Shrub/Tree
USDA zones 9-11