Capsicum baccatum
'Aji Amarillo'

A signature hot pepper of Peruvian & Bolivian cooking usually eaten fresh in Peru & dried in Bolivia, “Aji Amarillo” has a smoky, fruity flavor that is unique to the species; some describe the flavors as having berry overtones & a searing, pungent heat. Good in potato & chicken stews, barbequed & added to dishes that need some heat, as well as in salads & salsas - if you can handle a Scoville rating of 7.5! Easy to grow, the plant grows to 6’ tall & 3’ wide. It is a bit lanky, so you may have to support a bumper crop of the squat orange fruits, 1-2” long by 2-3” wide. They are initially erect, then become pendant. Aji Amarillo needs a long time to mature, more than 80 days. In the Bay Area, it initially just grows & grows - by August, you may wonder if it’s ever going to set fruit. Don’t worry - it will, though it is especially happy & productive where it gets a real blast of hot sun (like the Central Valley of California). Well-suited to a large container.

-Anni J

Avg. water

Perennial vegetable

80-100 days
USDA zones 5-12