Sedum hispanicum
"Spanish Stonecrop"

Sedum hispanicum "Spanish Stonecrop" Sedum hispanicum "Spanish Stonecrop"

Need a sweet-but-super-sturdy, easy to grow groundcover? Then the tough yet soft tufts of Sedum hispanicum are for you! Forming a low-maintenance carpet of dense, cushy, blue-green succulent nubbins that can withstand grazing deer, drought, a bit of shade and even some light foot traffic, it erupts into clusters of little pinkish-white flowers late Spring through late Summer. Divide clumps in Spring for a longer and more vibrant bloom; share with your friends while you’re at it! Regular watering through the first growing season will establish a sturdy root system that will make this plant happily tolerant of VERY little water in the future; be sure to plant in soil that provides good drainage (rocky or sandy = fine and dandy!) Spreads gracefully and quickly across borders, rock gardens and containers. To 4” tall x 15” wide.

Sun/Part shade
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 5-10