Dierama erectum

Dierama erectumDierama erectum

Late blooming, mega-rare & a bit of an odd ball (for a Dierama), D. erectum lights up the garden in late-Summer (even as late as October) with unusual stiff, upright, 3-4’ spikes of bright pink, outward facing closely packed clusters of bloomiferous goodness. This ain’t your typical arching, pendulous bell-flowered “Fairy Wand”. Native to South Africa, once established it will tolerate more droughty conditions. Evergreen & needing only occasional grooming (just pull the spent leaves & cut down faded flower stems & top dress annually when the plants are in growth.) Especially heavy soils should be amended for drainage. To 2-3’ wide.

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Avg/Low Water
drought tolerantdeer resistant

USDA Zones 9-11