Aloe claviflora
“Jackal’s Tail Aloe”

Aloe claviflora “Jackal’s Tail Aloe” Aloe claviflora “Jackal’s Tail Aloe”
photos: JG in SF

Cool club shaped, orangey-coral hued 12” long flowers that hummers adore emerge horizontally at an angle rather than upright putting on a spectacular bloomy show in Spring. Native to South Africa’s arid regions, it’s a great succulent option for Arizona & other hot/dry places. Stemless or short stemmed chalky blue-grey rosettes 18” wide & high pop out babies that form a circular pattern, kind of like a camp fire ring.  We often talk about drainage being important, well it’s SUPER important for Winter wet survival here, but it’s also easy to grow in a container if your drainage isn’t great. Happiest in a sunny spot.

Plant Nerd

Low Water
deer resistant drought tolerant

USDA Zones 9b-11