Aloe melanacantha “Black Spined Aloe”

Aloe melanacantha "Black Spined Aloe"

photo:John Miller 

Particularly prickly! Aloe melanacantha gets its name from its profusion of pigmented pokeys. “Melas”, Greek for “black” & “akanthos” meaning thorns. It’s not persnickety, requiring little water or care, but it is a wee bit slow, as its ultimate proportions are compact - approximately 1’ x 1’ with a rounded form. Take care to under rather than over water this precious ball o’ thorns, as too much Winter wet will leave it prone to rot. Blooming spikes are simple, as opposed to branched, top out around 3’ & are populated with protruding coral red blooms that fade to yellow. Like most Aloes, it’s from South Africa. Partial to pots & well drained soils.

Claire Woods

Full Sun
Low/Avg Water

drought tolerant
USDA Zones 9b-10