Euphorbia cyparissias rubrifolia
“Graveyard Moss”

Euphorbia cyparissias rubrifolia “Graveyard Moss”Euphorbia cyparissias rubrifolia “Graveyard Moss”

Such a cute wee Euphorbia. With its fine, ferny foliage it gives a very “soft focus” effect to the garden as if the lens has been greased & it’s ready for its close-up! That soft texture also looks great with succulents for contrast. Providing a rainbow of colors throughout the year, the blue-green foliage is tinged with purple-red in the Spring, chartreuse flowers in the Summer & leaves that turn orange in the Fall. Growing 12” tall & wide but can spread by runners so you may see this cutie pop up here & there. Makes a great “pass-along” plant if you find you have some to spare. Poor soil tolerant. Native to Western Europe. Like all Euphorbias, the sap of this plant can be TOXIC to varying degrees. Be sure to protect your eyes, skin & NEVER ingest!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 4-10