Callirhoe digitata
“Standing Winecup”

Callirhoe digitata “Standing Winecup” Callirhoe digitata “Standing Winecup”

Lo & behold! After five years (or more, it’s been a loooong time) of fiending we are finally able to go public with this most astounding Midwest wildflower. Its shiny magenta flowers evoke the poppy & its tall, elegant habit is reminiscent of the elegant Dierama, but this pretty treasure is really from the Mallow family. It prefers poor, dry, rocky soil & if there is too much richness or moisture, the plant may just faceplant, so don’t be tempted to mollycoddle it with compost & water or you will have to resort to staking. (Noooo!) Bloom time occurs for a few months in late Spring & Summer, with each tall, willowy stem bearing many showy blooms. Grows to 1’ wide (maybe) & between two & FOUR feet tall. Yowza. Winter dormant.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 4-10