Coreopsis grandiflora

Coreopsis gradiflora Sunburst

Here at Annie’s we have a strict “No Boinky Plant” policy and, unfortunately, many a perennial Coreopsis has been dwarfed or hybridized beyond recognition. However, ‘Sunburst’ meets our height and big-bloom standards with single 2” golden flowers on wiry 2.5’ stems, blooming from early Summer thru Fall with deadheading. Makes a great cut flower and benefits local wildlife. Yay, bees! It’s rated for serious abuse too: it can deal with clay soil, deer, intense heat and drought. Plants grow 20” wide and 15” tall (not including the taller blooming stems). Staking is not necessary if you’re growing this plant in a sufficiently sunny spot without too much crowding.

Full Sun

USDA Zones 4-10