Dianthus plumarius
'Flore Pleno Roseus'

Dianthus plumarius Flore Pleno Roseus CarnationDianthus plumarius Flore Pleno Roseus Carnation

Deliciously scented "Gillyflowers" or 'Pinks' have been grown since the 1500's. This favorite variety bears double bearded and jagged petals of white, pink, or rose. The blooms are borne, Spring thru Summer, on 9" stems above 2’ wide, blue-green, grassy foliage. Long-lived with excellent drainage (in pots, next to a rock wall or raised a bit above surrounding soil). These heirloom sweeties will provide you with cut flowers galore! 


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water
USDA zones 3-10