'Wedding Bells'

Brugmansia x arborea "Tree Datura"Brugmansia x arborea "Tree Brugmansia"

Instant tropical goodnessfor your garden! A WILD SPECIES of Brugmansiathat is VERY DIFFICULT TO FINDin the nursery trade and possibly the most robust and cold-hardy of “Angel’s Trumpets”, within a year fast growingit grows into a small multi-branched tree 8-10’ tall and across. With evergreen velvety leaves, this may also be the heaviest bloomerof all with continuous bloom almost year-round. Vertically held, the lovely pure white and single winged 6” trumpets are evening scented, attracting moths and hummers. Easy in rich, decently draining soil, side-dress with a 2” layer of compost several times a year. Tolerates temps down to the teens, but will go deciduous. Can be grown in large containers. Protect Brugs from strong winds. Special safety note: Do Not Eat! All parts of this plant are considered toxic.


Sun/Brt. Shade
Avg. Water/Moist

USDA Zones 7b-10
(Deciduous 7b-8)