Alchemilla erythropoda
“Dwarf Lady’s Mantle”

Alchemilla erythropoda “Dwarf Lady’s Mantle”Alchemilla erythropoda “Dwarf Lady’s Mantle”

A little groundcover to fall in love with! Easy-breezy even for the most beginning gardener, “Dwarf Lady’s Mantle” is tough, long-lived & TOLERANT OF BOTH CLAY & SANDY SOIL. A cutie too, it forms a tidy, dense mound to only 5” tall & up to 2’ across. Scalloped muted green leaves are pretty but you’ll love them most for how they retain & sparkle with water droplets after rain or watering. An excellent choice for a smaller scale groundcover, especially under shrubs or trees or as an edging. Swell in mixed containers & vase arrangements. Pretty, frothy chartreuse flowers in Spring to mid-Summer, too! Can be grown in sun in the Bay Area. Cut back to refresh anytime.


Sun/Part Shade
Avg./Low Water

USDA Zone 4-10