Cussonia transvaalensis
“Grey Cabbage Tree”

Cussonia transvaalensis “Grey Cabbage Tree”Cussonia transvaalensis “Grey Cabbage Tree”

Bonsai pic: Geoff Stein

Just about the coolest evergreen tree for the smaller garden in temperate climates! Wonderfully “Dr. Seuss-ish” this fast growing S. African Native sprouts large roundish crowns atop single or multi-branched trunks – like a “Truffala Tree”. (You remember!) Beautiful, deeply fissured & corky bark paired with unusual & attractive foliage, this highly architectural specimen tree is a sight to behold indeed. The foliage is grayish green-blueish green & the leaves look like giant green snowflakes! Growing natively on dry rocky slopes, its best planted in well drained soil (not clay!) with a bit of Summer water once established. Add an annual bit of compost too. Superb in succulent/cactus/dry Mediterranean type gardens. Can be grown in a container for quite a while & can even be bonsai-ed. To 16' high.


Avg.-No Summer Water

drought tolerant

USDA Zones 9-11