Albuca maxima
(Syn. Albuca canadensis)

Albuca maxima (Syn. Albuca canadensis)Albuca maxima (Syn. Albuca canadensis)

photos: Mary Sue Ittner

A stately South African bulb, Albuca maxima makes a bold upright silhouette in the garden, blooming in early spring above upright, strappy leaves with handsome green & white striped nodding flowers. Its height can reach up to 6’ at blooming, on an inch thick stem, & in the wild they form large stands. As per usual, this S. African species has a summer dormancy & would prefer not to be watered while it is sleeping. Easy to grow! Make sure you bait for snails, though, & provide good drainage!

Claire Woods

Pt.Sun/Full Sun

S.African Bulb
USDA Zones 9-11