Cussonia natalensis
“Rock Cabbage Tree”

Cussonia natalensis “Rock Cabbage Tree”Cussonia natalensis “Rock Cabbage Tree”

photos: Pieter Strydom

Strikingly beautiful & wonderfully unusual & architectural of form, Cussonias always remind me of Dr. Suess’ “Truffula Trees.” The highly ornamental star-shaped thick & leathery dark evergreen leaves appear at the very end of the branches, forming into giant round clusters or “heads”. Even better, the foliage turns golden in the Fall as new growth begins to sprout. FAST GROWING “Rock Cabbage Tree” makes a cool architectural statement for garden containers & even parking strips in temperate climates. To 13-20' high.


Avg/Low Water

drought tolerant

USDA Zones 10-11