Erythrina lysistemon
“Common Coral Tree”

Photos courtesy ofBerichard (left) &JMK (right)

Regal, scarlet blooms sit stark against the stocky, grey, naked trunk of this marvelous tree in early Spring before the leaves emerge. Popular & renowned in S. Africa as a street tree & garden ornamental, it's long been associated with royalty & the seeds are considered to be lucky charms. The 4" long blood red flowers are full of nectar for birds & insects. While technically this beauty falls into the "Zonal Denial" category of plants, I've seen this tree thriving locally, so I know that if you provide it with a somewhat sheltered spot the occasional frost isn't going to be too detrimental. While it may grow upwards of 30' in Zone 10, the specimens that I've seen locally are closer to 15-20' in height, with a canopy that spans almost as wide. It's a low-branching tree, fast growing, & easy to please. It looks somewhat better if provided with summer water, but can be generally considered to be drought tolerant! Prefers loose, well draining, rich soil.

Claire Woods
Full Sun

USDA Zones 9-11