Antirrhinum majus
‘Chantilly Peach’

Antirrhinum majus Chantilly Peach

Growing to a proper 2’-3’ tall – its very long blooming with these absolutely beguiling softest peach – blushed-apricot-with-a-hint-of pink flaring trumpets. I’m telling you they’re gorgeous! Cut them back to 8” tall after their blooms are spent for a second show. Combine with Scabiosa caucasica ‘Fama Blue’or Viscaria oculata ‘Blue Pearl’or both (!) for picture-perfect perfection!! Rich soil for best show! Mildew & rust resistant. Can be planted in large containers (at least 5 GAL.)

Antirrhinum majus Chantilly PeachAntirrhinum majus Chantilly Peach


Full Sun
Average Water
All Zones