Alonsoa meridionalis 'Red'
"Mask Flower"

Alonsoa meridionalis 'Red' "Mask Flower"Alonsoa meridionalis 'Red' "Mask Flower"

This South American bloom machine will always remain on my list of Top 10 Faves. Blooms lasting three months or more will impress you as much as me. When it slows down, just cut back to 6” tall, add a bit of compost & boom – it’s back with another explosion of 1” cinnabar-red, roundish Snapdragon-like flowers. Even in Winter! Nice in front of a bed & an excellent container plant. A bushy 30” high & 18” wide. If you live in a hot Summer area this "must have" is well worth growing as an annual.


Sun-Pt. Sun
Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-10
Annual Elsewhere