Cosmos sulphureus
“Klondike Cosmos”

Cosmos sulphereus ‘Orange’ “Klondike Cosmos”Cosmos sulphureus Orange Klondike Cosmos

Add fuel to your garden’s Summer fire with this easy, classic, orange flowered annual, whose sensational sunny flowers are highly attractive to butterflies, bees and birds.If planted early enough, by mid-summer they’re drought tolerant and if dead-headed they bloom through Autumn! Tolerant of less than perfect soil and drainage. Attractive lacy foliage on a bushy, vigorous plant 2’ wide and about 1’ tall with the flowers held high above on tall, multi-branching stalks up to 3’ tall! Reseeds for future freebies!

Cosmos sulphureus Orange Klondike CosmosCosmos sulphureus Orange Klondike Cosmos
Full Sun

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