Eucomis reichenbachii

An unusual & RARELY AVAILABLE “Pineapple Lily”, this large bulb from South Africa has interestingly purple-edged green flowers. Stout in stature, the stems rise to a foot above the thick, fleshy leaves. The vast majority of the members of the genus Eucomis are from summer rainfall areas, & this species is said to be hardy, but little information is available on its cultivation, as it’s not very common in cultivation. However, as unusual as it is, Eucomis are pretty much all easy & reliable bulbs, returning better every year after their winter dormancy. They are easily grown in part sun, & can even be planted amongst the roots of trees. Their flowers have long lasting ornamental value, as they persist over a long period & stay attractive even while setting seed! Bear in mind that too much sun can burn the leaves. To 1.5' high.

Claire Woods

Pt.Sun/Pt. Shade
Regular Water
South African Bulb
USDA Zones 8-11?