Alstroemeria ligtu

Alstroemeria ligtuAlstroemeria ligtu

I’ve long admired these elegant wild-flowery plants, which have grown without fuss at the nursery for many years. These plants look more on the wild side than many of the hybrids that have come from breeding this species – the flowers are more slender & delicately articulated. Colors are varied; from bright magenta to peach to almost entirely white, glowing in clusters atop glaucous stems & leaves to a height of 2’ & spreading as much as you allow it to. They begin blooming in Spring, going dormant during Summer & returning again in the Fall. While regular water can increase the bloom period significantly, you can also plant it somewhere out of the way where it can spread into a large informal “florist’s” patch for superb cut flowers! Feed annually for best appearance.

Claire Woods


USDA zones 8-11