Kalanchoe thyrsifolia "Paddle Plant"

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia "Paddle Plant"Kalanchoe thyrsifolia "Paddle Plant"

Is this a gorgeous succulent or what??? A member of the Crassula family, it forms lovely, densely held, large, rounded blue-grey leaves, fabulously rimmed in shades of red. The red edges vary in width depending on conditions. The plant elongates upwards to flower in Summer with a silver 12” stalk topped with yellow flowers. During flowering new growth will form at the base – so you can increase your collection. Most excellent in a mixed succulent container garden or all by itself! Rare, easy & can be grown as a houseplant too! Protect from frost! To 12-18" high & 18-24" wide.


Avg./Low Water

drought tolerant

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 10-11