Cheirolophus burchardii

Cheirolophus burchardii Cheirolophus burchardii

Drought tolerant, evergreen & a fabby habitat plant too! This outrageously rare shrub was found growing near the sea in the Canary Islands. Produces purple bachelor button-like flower heads borne on 1’ stems above lush green lace-shaped leaves. Our original description of this species listed it as being only marginally hardy, but Lo & behold, we planted it in the garden & it didn't flinch when the weather dropped into the 20’s! Blooms over a long season, May-July or so & is visited daily by butterflies & bees. A vigorous grower, it quickly reaches 7’ high - we’re not sure how wide yet. Let us know!

Claire Woods

Cheirolophus burchardii
Avg/Low Water
USDA Zones 9-11
(maybe lower?)