Begonia luxurians
"Palm Leaf Begonia"

Begonia luxurians Palm Leaf BegoniaBegonia luxurians Palm Leaf Begonia

Seeing a full grown specimen of this species makes most people do a double take. “Is that really a Begonia?” Yes, it really is! It’s also a freakishly cool, ostentatious foliage plant for shade that grows up to 8’ tall, with scented white flowersand huge palmate leaves. This plant is right at home in dappled light in rich soil with regular water. It’s not very hardy but can be over-wintered as a houseplant below USDA Zone 10. Rarely availableand only in very small quantities, nab one if you can! From Brazil.

Begonia luxurians Palm Leaf Begonia

Average water

USDA zones 10-11