Lavatera assurgentiflora
“Island Mallow”

Lavatera assurgentiflora Island MallowLavatera assurgentiflora Island Mallow

Need a drought tolerant, wind tolerant& fast growing shrub, tall hedge or screen with pretty flowers from SPRING thru FALL? Quickly growing to a sturdy, multi-branching 10’ x 10’, this EASY to grow CA native from the Channel Islands thrives just about anywhere. Abundant 2-3” silky cerise hollyhock-like blooms with dark veining shimmer amongst attractive soft blue-green maple-like foliage, providing nectar for the hummers, bees, & butterflies. Not fussy about soil as long as there’s some drainage. Prune back in Fall & side-dress with compost for perfect habit & health. Hardy to 18 degrees F.


Sun/Part Sun
Avg/Low water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zone 8-10