Aloe ramosissima
“Maiden’s Quiver Tree”

Aloe ramosissima “Maiden’s Quiver Tree”Aloe ramosissima “Maiden’s Quiver Tree”

A great collector’s Aloe that will grow slowly to 5-6’ tall. It somewhat resembles Aloe dichotoma, but has more branching. My favorite thing about this Aloe is the bark. It develops strips of satiny, silver-pink-brown colored bark. I can’t resist running my hands along the trunk when I see one. The foliage is blue-green & grows in tufts at the tips of the branches. The flowers are bright yellow. Native to South Africa, the branches of this plant were used to make small quivers by young men who then gave these quivers to young ladies as a sign of their affection. Aloe ramosissima is found growing in rocky soil in arid regions. When growing this Aloe, one must be careful not to overwater. It is best suited to being grown in a pot around here so that it has excellent drainage. Winter grower.

Aloe ramosissima “Maiden’s Quiver Tree”

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low Water
USDA Zones 9-11