Albuca shawii

Albuca shawiiAlbuca shawii

Sweetly striped yellow & green, almond (some say pineapple) scented nodding blooms dangle en masse like wee lanterns in Summer on this South African gem of a bulb. Native to the Drakensberg Mountains, its elegantly wispy yet succulent green foliage emits an eau de sweet anise fragrance when stroked. Yumminess! Growing to 18” tall & 12” wide, Albuca shawii requires awesome drainage & Summer irrigation for ultimate happiness. Perfect for a pot, or a rock star spot in front in a warm & sunny border it goes dormant in Winter.  It’s not a big fan of Winter rains, making good drainage key to keeping it a happy camper. Hardy to 0 degrees F.

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South African Bulb
USDA Zones 7-11