Aeschynanthus garrettii

Aeschynanthus garrettiiAeschynanthus garrettii

This is a great plant that has been shared with us by Jon Dixon. Surprisingly hardy, this tropical looking epiphyte is undamaged at 30° F. The large reddish-orange flowers occur August-September so even if it is frozen back it will have time to re-grow by bloomtime. This plant is a direct descendent of the plant Jon saved by digging out a discarded plant heap. Jon went on to discover what a great plant this is for an outdoor pot in bright shade. The glossy green leaves contrast nicely with the darker stems. The stems can reach 2-3’ tall. Native to Thailand, it is an epiphyte that grows in the branches of trees without soil. So understandably this plant would prefer to grow in a light potting mix & to be kept on the drier side unless it is hot. Hot and dry = bad. Hummingbird favorite!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Brt. Shade
Low/Avg. Water
USDA Zones 9-11