Ixia viridiflora

Ixia viridifloraIxia viridiflora

Beautiful! And such an unusual color. The flowers are turquoise green with a black center. They are very showy with up to 20 flowers per flower stalk. Blooms in late spring. Give the plant a warm spot because the flowers need sun and warmth to open. The plant gets to be about 1-2’ tall and has upright grass-like leaves. From South Africa, these bulbs will go dormant in summer and at that point should be given no water. Stop watering when the leaves begin to dry out. Needs excellent drainage. Sandy soil is good. Easy to grow in a pot with a fast-draining soil mix. Planting in a pot makes it easier to put bulbs away while dormant.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low water
No water in summer
USDA Zones 9-11