Euphorbia mellifera
"Honey Spurge"

Euphorbia melliferaEuphorbia mellifera

Handsome, substantial and architectural, this rare and unusual, shrubby Euphorbia native to the Canary Islands, can be grown only by those of us lucky enough to live in temperate climates. Evergreen and ever-good-looking, it grows 3’-5’ tall and across with attractive, apple green leaves held in whorls, highlighted by a cream mid-rib. The butter yellow to terra cotta flowers are honey scented. An excellent foil to fancier bloomers, it also stands well alone as a specimen - something about it just glows. Below USDA zone 10, grow in a warm area of the garden. Well-drained soil. Like all Euphorbias, the sap of this plant can be TOXIC to varying degrees. Be sure to protect your eyes, skin and NEVER ingest!


Low Water

USDA zones 9-11