Asarina scandens
‘Snow White’

Easy & fast, this beautiful perennial vine looks delicate - but don’t be fooled - it’s one tough critter! A big performer, too! Quickly growing to 8’ tall & about 6’ across, it explodes into a mass of flaring, white, snapdragon-like blooms. Evergreen here by the San Francisco Bay & temperate climates, it forms a solid “wall” of very attractive, emerald green, triangular leaves. It’s a clinger, so give it something to climb on & watch it go! Best in rich soil & part sun though it does well in full sun in our cooler areas. Grow it behind roses for true romance or around a front door. Excellent for trailing out of a pot, too. Just cut it back if it gets shabby after a year or two & watch it bounce right back. Best in rich soil with average moisture. Give it a top dressing of compost once a year in early Spring as a reward for a great job! Perennial in Sunset zones 16-24.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg. water

Perennial in USDA zones 9-10

Annual elsewhere