Angelica stricta

Angelica strictaAngelica stricta ‘Purpurea’

photo: (left) Kaveh Maguire

My knees shook when I first discovered this rare & spectacular Angelica growing at the Mendocino Botanical Garden. Luckily, the kind folk who work there let us have some seed of this amazing treasure. Growing quickly to 4’ tall & 3’ across, its foliage is a beautiful, luxurious, purple-black, making it stand out like royalty amongst its neighbors. Next come the huge ruby boat shaped buds followed by large, 4-5” umbels color shifting from mauve to dark violet-purple. An absolute must have! And don’t forget that Angelicas are much loved by butterflies, too! EASY, fairly fast and blooms first year if Spring planted. Rich soil is best. Self-sows!


Angelica stricta ‘Purpurea’

Avg. Water
USDA Zones 5-11