Ageratum corymbosum
"Butterfly Mist"

Ageratum corymbosumAgeratum corymbosum

One of the most extraordinary shade plants we have come across! It blooms generously all yearhere in zone 9b, presenting large and glorious fluffy violet-blue flower heads to 6” across and the flowers open from velvety violet bud clusters that are so pretty! Its exotic velvety leaves start out greenish but quickly turn a lush dark purple. Evergreen- or “everpurple” - in frost-free areas. The foliage is held on branching stems creating a well-mannered form I’ve never had to pinch back! I’m so happy to say it is EXTREMELY EASY to grow,reaching full size (3’x3’) in about 3-4 months in rich soil. I grow mine with morning sun and afternoon shade, although it loves all day medium shade here at the nursery. Attracts butterflies!

Part Sun/Bright Shade
Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8-11

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