Homoglad hybrids

Homoglad hybridsHomoglad hybrids

This is a beautiful early Spring bulb with large flowers and slender foliage. The blooms are variable-some will be pale yellow with some darker brown streaks on the top petals, while others will be more flushed with color. In evening they are fragrant. These are a cross between Gladiolus tristis & Homoglossum watsonium (which has now been renamed Gladiolus watsonium). G. tristis gives this hybrid its fragrance & G. watsonium gives it it’s coloring. The flowers occur on long stems & sometimes will fall over so underplanting with another plant is sometimes helpful. To 1-2' high, spreads.

Kelly Kilpatrick-Prop.

Sun-Part Shade
Low-Average Water
drought tolerant

USDA Zones 5-11