Acacia farnesiana
“Sweet Wattle” “Mimosa Bush”

The flowers on this Acacia are so sweetly fragrant, it is widely grown in Southern France for the perfume industry. A woody, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, 3’ to 9’ tall, it bears large, golden, puff-balls in groups of 50 or more commonly in Winter or Spring, before the leaves appear and making quite the show. The flowers are strongly scented of violet and are followed by large, brown-black seed pods. The branching pattern is intricate and zig-zaggy, the branches turning silvery and spiny. The pretty, lacy foliage provides perfect filtered, diffused shade. EASY to grow, it thrives in ANY SOIL, including POOR DRAINING CLAY. Nice in the open garden containers, or used as a hedge or screen.

Avg./Low water


USDA zones 9-11

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