Asarina scandens ‘Joan Lorraine'

Asarina scandens 'Joan Lorraine'Asarina scandens 'Joan Lorraine'

You would think this beautiful Mexican vine with its velvety purple trumpets & lush delicate foliage might be fragile or finicky in the garden, but you'll be in for a big surprise when you discover it's easy, fast growing & long lived! Creating a solid "wall" of emerald green heart shaped leaves to 5' across & 8-10' tall, it's wonderful on a fence, trellis or arch & long-blooming too, from July till September. Quite a heavy bloomer, too, with loads of 2” richest purple, flaring blooms. Best in part shade to morning sun & rich soil. Can be cut back in Fall. Hummers!



Full sun by the Bay
Pt. shade inland

Avg. Water
Perennial in
USDA Zones 9-10, annual elsewhere