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Effervescent & Easygoing Eschscholzias!

The hardest thing about growing easy, breezy Eschscholzia is pronouncing its name!

Our gorgeous California state flower and all of its jewel-toned brethren are the epitome of easy: drought tolerant and deer resistant, adaptable to poor, dry soil, as well as rich, garden soil - they're the kind of over-achieving plants that look oh-so-good with minimal effort on your part! In fact, Cal Poppies live longer if you keep them on the dry side over the Summer and they reseed reliably for free plants that will fill in here and there, making all of their neighbors sparkle and shine!

But the best thing? The BEST thing about these radiant poppies is the alchemy they create when mixed and matched with their fellow native Californian wildflowers or Mediterranean garden annuals. The possibilities are endless and the results - positively enchanting!

Hardy Annuals are Easy!

Right now, here at the nursery, we're planting our hardy annuals. With their lust for life, hardy annuals pooh-pooh our cool Winter weather, sending their roots far and wide and building momentum for a spectacular bloom-at-the-same-time garden extravaganza come April. They're some of the most profuse bloomers in all of the gardening world - blooming their hearts out all Spring long if you plant them when they're young and deadhead faded blooms once they start blooming.

And the best part? Our open-pollinated plants are never treated with growth regulators and self-sow for successive generations of FREE PLANTS! Woo-hoo! Get them in the ground no later than mid-February and you'll be rewarded with a glorious garden and armloads of cut flowers, just when all your neighbors are heading to the garden centers!

Bare-Root Fruit Trees are In!

No matter what size garden you have, there's room for at least one fruit tree!

January is the perfect time for us Bay Area gardeners to plant bare root fruit trees and we are thrilled to welcome back our favorite fruit tree expert, Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on Jan. 18 at 11 am!

With enthusiasm and expertise, Phil will help you get your backyard orchards off to a fabulous start. Not sure what fruit trees are best suited to your growing zone or space? Phil can totally help with that.