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Become A Rose Expert - in Just One Class!

Horticulturalist and Rose Whiz Cristin Fusano leads the way on February 3 at 11 am!

Romantic roses give so much for so little effort. Loyal and stalwart, never fair-weather or flighty; the best roses don't hog our resources or demand too much of our time. So when it comes to their care and feeding, we owe it to them to get it right!

Enter Cristin Fusano – a rose expert with over 35 years of experience! Cristin returns to the nursery on Saturday, February 3 at 11 am for a rosarian cram session that not only covers the theory behind Winter rose pruning, but tells us exactly where to cut and why. She'll bust myths and build your knowledge on watering, feeding, grooming and pest control – ie: everything you need to grow strong, healthy bushes that produce beautiful blooms and vigorous canes.

Freesia Your Mind -
and Your Garden will Follow!

Our Most Popular Fragrant Freesias -
Available Now as Bare-root Bulbs!

Don't be surprised if neighbors follow their noses to your garden, wondering where that delicious fragrance is coming from!

We're excited to share our collection of fantastic Freesias with you – as bare-root bulbs!

Easy-as-pie to grow, DEER RESISTANT and low-maintenance, masses of bodacious blooms appear on branching stems held well above the fresh green sword shaped leaves. Now is a great time to plant Freesias (USDA zones 8, 9 and 10) for Spring bloom, just give them very good drainage and they'll reward you by spreading naturally for a bigger and better show each year (or plant them in a container where you can control the drainage).


No matter what size garden you have, there's room for at least one fruit tree!

January is the perfect time for us Bay Area gardeners to plant bare-root fruit trees and we are always so happy to welcome back our dedicated and beloved FRUIT TREE GENIUS, Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery on Jan. 20 at 11 am! Whether you have an established backyard orchard, or are planting your first fruit tree, Phil's extensive knowledge, passion and practical advice will get you fired up about growing your own delicious fruit!

We've just received our order of bare-root trees from Dave Wilson and they're ready to plant! Not sure what fruit trees are best suited to your growing zone? Wondering what you should do to make sure your existing trees are in tip-top shape for maximum yield? Phil's got you covered. You'll walk away with everything you need to know about selecting, planting, pruning, protecting your tree and more. Bring your questions!

The BUCK Stops Here!

Outsmart Hungry Deer with Deer Resistant Plants!

If you have deer problems, then you already know they will try almost ANYTHING. There's a lot of taste testing (and plant trampling) going on when they're determining whether something is browse-worthy.But take heart, deer gardeners – our list of plants that deer find disagreeable is long and varied! Shade or sun, hot or cold climate, average or low water, there are almost 300 varieties to choose from that are available RIGHT NOW!

Since so many of our plants are rare and/or new to cultivation and may have never even MET deer before, here are some solid guidelines that can help you figure out if a plant is prime snacking material:

Bodacious Bare-root Bulbs!!

Smarty gardeners plant bulbs in the Fall!

The response last year to our first ever, let's-try-it-they-might-like-it bare-root bulb blast took us all by surprise! Turns out, you did like it – and with good reason! Planting bare-root bulbs in the Fall is a super-duper value, seasonally appropriate and EASY as pie!

Normally, we would pot these babies up (one bulb per pot), let them hang out in the nursery to grow big, fat roots and then offer them to you as 4" plants come Spring. Now, you can skip the wait and plant right away, letting them root directly into your garden and containers – no muss, no fuss! Plus, you'll cover more ground with 3 to 10 bare-root bulbs per bag (depending on variety) AND most of them will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!


Last chance for great plants!

Here at Annie's, we grow crops for over 2000 varieties of plants – every year! That means over a million plants start their little baby lives in our greenhouses to go forth and brighten gardens all over the U.S. from our 2.5-acre nursery in Richmond, CA!

Which is a really long-winded way to say we need more space! So, after years of service, we are giving some of our most stalwart, long-time favorite plants a well-deserved retirement party to make way for the many new and exciting offerings to come in 2018!

Respect The Roots!

Get the dirt on nurturing healthy soil with Anders Olson on October 14 at 11 am!

Oh! How we love plants! We swoon over their beautiful blossoms, admire their shiny, felty or prickly foliage and gobble up their delicious fruits. But what about the parts we can't see? They may be the most important part of all! We're talking about ROOTS of course, and organic farmer Anders Olson is coming to the nursery on Saturday, October 14 at 11 am to give us a tour of the secret gardens under our soil.

Fall and Winter is the perfect time to boost the fertility and microbiota of your garden soil – resulting in a more verdant and successful garden come Spring! Join Anders as he shares enlightening and useful tips on nutrient cycling, cover cropping and mulching. He'll also explore the wonderfully wiggly world of vermiculture – or earthworm composting! Truly fascinating and a must-hear for any gardener. As always, bring your questions!

Garden Beautifully in Drought

With Kate Frey on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 11 am – DAY 1 of our Fabulous Fall Planting Party!

We are thrilled to welcome back our horticultural heroine and top-notch garden designer Kate Frey on Saturday, September 30 at 11 am - DAY 1 of our Fabulous Fall Planting Party!

Here in the West, drought resistance is now a normal part of our gardening vocabulary – yet have we considered this term from a plant’s point of view? Join Kate as she breaks down a plant’s make-up and physical environment that enables it to resist drought, as well as what we can we do in our own gardens to aid its ability to withstand it.

Noxious, Novel & Nasty!

Just say NO to Witch’s Shoelaces, Hen's bane, Sneezewort, Bindweed and Cow Itch!

You gotta hand it to lowly weeds - they're some of the toughest, most persistent, drought tolerant and deer resistant plants around! They can find a way to thrive in the most neglected corners of the garden where most other plants wouldn't dare dream of growing. Plus, weeds are SNEAKY. They are masters of infiltrating the perimeter and taking off in a flash - racing to re-seed before you even know they're there!

Come learn how to vanquish these unwelcome intruders (especially after last year's wet and weed-inducing Winter!) with Bethallyn Black, Saturday, September 16 at 11 am! An expert in the fine art of weed exclusion, Bethallyn will tell you how you can prepare weed-free planting beds using easy and effective organic controls. She'll help you identify annual and perennial weeds, Summer and Winter weeds, and share a little about weed history.

FALL in Love with Natives!

Drop dead gorgeous dry gardens!

Join us Saturday, September 2 at 11 am for a fun and inspiring session with the ever-engaging Bart O'Brien, Director of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Tilden Regional Park and co-author of the truly excellent books Reimagining the California Lawn and California Native Plants for the Garden.

Bart is an encyclopedia of the BEST CA natives for Bay Area gardens. Not only does he know (and love!) them like the back of his hand, he can tell you how best to pair them for maximum beauty and dramatic effect, whether it's in containers on a balcony or gardens, small or large.