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Less is More Garden Design!

Small garden solutions with Author Susan Morrison on Saturday August 18 at 11 am!

Attention, space-challenged gardeners!

Have a small backyard, front yard or side yard just begging for a makeover? Landscape designer Susan Morrison, author of The Less is More Garden: Big Ideas for Designing Your Small Yard, joins us at the nursery on Saturday, August 18 at 11 am to show you how to turn a modest yard into a lush, inviting haven!

Susan will share strategies for small-space designs that incorporate some of her favorite high-performing, problem-solving Annie's plants, including the best narrow space, double duty, kid-friendly and low-water options.

Light up the Shade!

Bring brilliancy to even the darkest garden!

There's no better place to escape the Summer heat than a lush, shady garden! However, it's easy to get carried away planting ubiquitous big-leafed beauties like hostas and ferns. Hey, we get it! They create such a rich, sultry, tropical feel and they're totes easy to find in any garden center. But if all you're planting are big green plants you're in for a monotonous view! So here are a few plants to bring some much-needed color and life to your shady snatch!

Does your garden fall down in the Fall?

Lift it up with a mid-Summer planting – Annie tells you how on Saturday, August 4 at 11 am!

Here it comes folks, our prettiest, sunniest time of the year!

The kind of weather that makes you want to hang out and enjoy your lovely backyard ... oops ... did I say something wrong? Your backyard is not so lovely right now? Hey – don't dismay! It's totally EASY to get ready for a glorious Summer/Fall bloomiferous happening – just when our weather is its most congenial – from now till mid-October!

Join Annie on Saturday, August 4 at 11 am and find out how to go from zero to nifty with simple, fast preparation for Fall. Find out her favorite and best plants to put in right now PLUS, as always, she'll sneak in some very awesome, rarely available plants in the nursery now that you should totally know about. Don't miss it!

Plant a Winter Nectar Feast!

Bees and butterflies need nectar! Plant Winter bloomers NOW with Tora Rocha on Saturday, July 21 at 11 am!

Winter is Coming!

While gardeners sometimes consider Winter a period of rest in the garden, that's definitely not the case for hungry pollinators. Bees, butterflies (especially Monarchs!), other pollinators and beneficial insects need sustenance more than ever and NOW is the time to plant nectar-rich Winter bloomers!

Join Tora Rocha, tireless pollinator advocate and founder of Oakland's Pollinator Posse on Saturday, July 21 at 11 am for an enlightening discussion, Winter gardening best practices (hint: how to protect important habitat for burrowing insects by NOT cutting back grasses, etc.) and her favorite tried-and-true Winter nectar wonders. Timing is everything, and Tora will cover how to plant a succession of blooms to sync with the first winged arrivals! Don't miss it!

How To Cope with a Slope!

Strategies for gardening on hillsides with horticulturalist Ellyn Shea on Saturday, July 7 at 11 am!

The Bay Area is full of hills, but don’t let the steep slope of your yard scare you away from creating a beautiful garden!

Hillsides are a challenge, whether they are dry or irrigated, sunny or shady. Join us on Saturday, July 7 at 11 am with consulting horticulturalist and certified arborist Ellyn Shea to learn strategies for gardening on slopes so you can enjoy a beautiful and productive garden without wasting water or losing soil!

Ellyn will address so many of the issues facing hillside gardeners and share her best tips and techniques for assessing your situation and exposure, irrigation best practices, design techniques, and, of course, plant selection!

This Just In!

Over 100 new plants so far this year!

We can't help ourselves! Here at Annie's we're always searching for that sweet rush you get from a new garden romance and each year we introduce about 200 new varieties hoping to find our next plant-charming. Whether they're cottage garden classics we've been dying to try, brand spanking new selections from our favorite breeders, or ultra-rare plants from the far flung corners of the globe, we're never afraid to swipe right!

So gird up your loins to meet some of our most floriferous, vigorous, rarest, and favorite new finds of 2018!

Plant Your Own Food Forest!

Building Easy Edible Ecosystems with author Christopher Shein on Saturday June 23 at 11 am!

Take your organic gardening to the next level by learning the low maintenance secrets of permaculture with Christopher Shein, permaculture expert and author of the essential "Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture" on Saturday, June 23 at 11 am!

Whatever your skill level or size garden, Chris will tell you how you can build an edible ecosystem in your own backyard with the least possible expenditure of time, effort and the earth's resources. You'll learn to be choosy with crops and where to plant them in the permaculture landscape with an eye toward productivity and yield.

Grow a Little Fruit Tree!

Easy Harvest Pruning Workshop with author Ann Ralph on Saturday June 9 at 11 am!

Grow your own fruit, even in the smallest backyard!

Timed pruning offers a revolutionary approach to fruit tree care – and now is the time to Summer prune to keep trees small and easy. Join expert Ann Ralph THIS SATURDAY, June 9 at 11 am to learn all the basics: from the simple logic of pruning and how to prune for short stature to easy harvest, seasonal routines, and pest and disease control.

Ann's wonderful book "Grow A Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small Space, Easy Harvest Fruit Trees" is packed with practical advice on selecting varities, easy pruning plans and simple maintenance guidelines.Bring your questions and join us for a book signing after the talk!

Endless Summer!

Get Inspired - Watch Our Summer Slideshow!

And just like THAT ... it's time to think about your

As the season slowly shifts to sunny Summer, we find ourselves unceremoniously ripping out our Spring annuals (so floriferous, they've been blooming their heads off since March) and replanting our demonstration gardens with big-bang-for-the-bloom Summer-to-Fall favorites that promise to evoke ooohs and aaahs from our visitors come June all the way to September (and beyond!).

With longer days affording a few more precious minutes in the garden, you'll find yourself out enjoying the buzzing bees and cutting bouquets in your own Summer paradise ... that is IF you get a move on and plant some simple Summer season extenders soon!

Join The Pollinator Posse!

Garden to support butterflies with Tora Rocha at our Butterfly Summit on May 26!

Increase your garden karma by creating a sanctuary for butterflies and other pollinators.

Join us and our favorite butterfly and pollinator advocate Tora Rocha at our 2nd Annual BUTTERFLY SUMMIT on Saturday, May 26 at 1 pm!

The founder and fearless leader of Oakland's Pollinator Posse, a volunteer group that creates "pollinator corridors" in and around Oakland, Tora will share the gardening equivalent of pollinator "best practices" – the whys and hows of providing food, cover and water for our local fauna – and how sometimes subtle (and not-so-subtle!) changes in how we garden can make a big impact on the birds, bees, butterflies and insects around us. Plus, she'll share some of her favorite butterfly-sustaining nectar and host plants!