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Undemanding garden jewels for the garden or container!

Undemanding and forgiving, succulents are those stalwart, stand-by-me plants that don't judge us for our gardening faux pas, inexperience or neglect. They won't wilt if you disremember to water them, or faint if you forget to fertilize. In fact, generosity is another of their virtues – and most will help you populate those bare spots in the garden by readily dropping little pups or plantlets that can be easily transplanted or shared.

Perfection in containers or for draping over the edge of a bed, you can even grow many of them as houseplants in a sunny window. Maximum happiness with minimum effort! Just be sure to give succulents loose, fast-draining soil and protect from scorching sun in the Summer and freezing temperatures in the Winter. Enjoy!

A Taste of the Wild - Forage the Bay!
Learn how to forage like a pro with Author
Margit Roos-Collins on Saturday, October 29 at 11 am!

Learn about edible weeds and other sustainable plants of the SF Bay Area!

Join us on Saturday, October 29 at 11 am for an exploration of local sustainable foraging with Margit Roos-Collins, author of The Flavors of Home; A Guide to Wild, Edible Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Bay Area is an extraordinary place to experience wild foods, with a diversity of habitats and open spaces positively filled with forageables! Margit will give us examples of some of the most common, nutritious, and often delicious wild edible plants that can be found in local abundance, as well as what's in season right now. Learn how to get started, as well as plants to avoid.

Heck Yeah Hellebores! Loyal Friends Forever (and ever)

Hardy Hellebores ain't afraid ...

Tough, tenacious and hardy down to USDA zone 5, Hellebores are luminescent ladies of the shade, whose nodding beautiful blooms light up the Winter and early Spring garden like no other lover! And now is the PERFECT time to plant them!

Evergreen here by the Bay (and in all temperate climes), these long-lived and reliable garden compadres won't up and die on you after a couple of years. Perhaps best of all, they're DEER, DROUGHT and CLAY resistant. Happy in shade – even dry shade – most garden pests don't bug 'em (just bait for snails when young).


Plant 'em now for outrageous, long-lasting bloom next Spring and beyond!

Salvia 'Amistad'
NEW! Sumptuous rich purple blossoms in midnight-hued calyxes appear Spring thru Fall on this fast-grower. Reaches 6' its first year, bloomin' all the while! Evergreen in frost-free zones, part shade in hot areas. An epic bee, butterfly and hummingbird magnet!

Fuchsia ‘Mrs. McDowell’
A super bloomy, old-fashioned heirloom Fuchsia, this clone originates from a very old shrub found growing in my dear friend, Mrs. McDowell’s Berkeley Hills garden. Blooming happily almost year-round, you’ll get loads of 2" pendulous flowers on a 4' x 3' shrublet.

Fall is for Planting! Let's Party! Mark your calendars for our fun-tastic FALL PLANTING PARTY!

Join in the fun October 1 & 2, 10-5!

Heads up gardeners, now's the time to start thinking about your Spring garden! And just in time for our FAVORITE time of year to plant we've got a huge selection of California native wildflowers and drought tolerant perennials, hardy annuals (think Poppies and Sweet Peas!), Winter veggies, plant-now-for-Spring-bloomers and even Winter bloomers waiting just for you!

As always, we'll be celebrating Fall with music, gardens in glorious bloom, a free MEGA-RAFFLE and our ever popular SUPERMARKET SWEEP, where two lucky winners win 15-MINUTES OF FREE SHOPPING each day!

Everything's Coming Up ROSES! The upstanding backbone of every good garden!

Great news rose lovers! Here's your chance to grab some of our FAVORITE long-blooming, garden-thrilling, hardy and heart-meltingly beautiful varieties!

In just the last year, we've figured out how to successfully grow small crops of our favorite, hard to find own-root roses. These are the most desirable, tried-and-true varieties we've grown for years here at the nursery. The ones that give backbone to our display gardens and photos and harmonize so beautifully with all of our annuals and perennials.

Mostly, we've offered these limited beauties in gallon containers here at the mothership in Richmond. But over the last few months, we've been able to build up enough stock to offer a hearty selection in 4" containers to our mailorder division as well!

Backyard Bounty Show and Tell

A pioneer in the field of edible landscaping, Ros has been gardening at the intersection of ornamental and edible for over 40 years!

Come celebrate the fruits of your labor with edible landscaping guru and passionate vegetable gardener Ros Creasy on Saturday, September 17 at 11 am!

Funny, engaging and vastly knowledgeable, Ros wrote the book on edible landscaping (literally) 35 years ago! She'll be sharing some of her Summer garden’s most delicious offerings and discussing her favorite Fall and Winter crops to plant now during this fun and informational talk.

From Farm to Fiber The Magic of Backyard Botanical Dyes with Author Sasha Duerr on September 3 at 11 am!

Plants to dye for - literally!

Sasha Duerr, author, alchemist and founder of the Permacouture Institute, will share a wealth of local and seasonal plants (as well as weeds and waste from your garden!) that make gorgeous natural plant dyes on Saturday, September 3 at 11 am!

Her sumptuous new book "Natural Color" has just hit the shelves and is brimming with stylish and easy-to-follow projects that will appeal to both novice and experienced dye-enthusiasts alike. You'll be inspired to explore sustainable "slow-textile" solutions to synthetic chemical dyes and start your own backyard garden-to-garment revolution! Oh yeah!!

Sage Advice: Plant Salvias Now!

Versatile, adaptable, agreeable – Salvias are big bang for your minimal effort and bucks!

Revered by the Romans in the 1st century for their healing properties, prized by 17th century herbalists for their many medicinal and culinary uses and beloved by us modern gardeners for their beauty, toughness and architectural backbone - it's hard to think of a genus more useful and diverse than Salvia! Varieties range from the ginormous to the genteel and come in a host of colors that'll make your head spin!

Low maintenance, often needing little water and adaptable to sun or part shade, they can provide structure and bloom almost all year long in temperate climates like ours. Now is a great time to plant many of these perennial beauties. Many have fragrant or textured foliage that provides interest even when not in bloom, and ALL Salvias are stupendous for attracting pollinators! Native, bumble and honeybees, butterflies and, of course, hummingbirds all come buzzing when you plant even one! And don't worry too much about deer – they don't care much for the fuzzy stems and aromatic leaves! Bonus: cut flower enthusiasts – get your snippers ready for beaucoup bouquets!

See the Light! Using Light for Flower Photography FREE photography workshop with award-winning garden photographer Saxon Holt on Sat. August 20 at 11 am!

Photography mavens – this one's for you!

Join us at the nursery on Saturday, August 20 at 11 am for an exciting chance to learn valuable photography tips from Saxon Holt – one of the most respected and talented photographers in the garden world.

Whether you shoot with a mega–pixel SLR or a smartphone, you'll get insight and tools you can use right away to take your garden photography to the next level as Saxon shares some of the principles from the latest installment of his wildly popular e-book series "Good Garden Photography."